Online Workshop Supply List

If you don't have any oil painting supplies and just want to start shopping I have created a "wish list" with everything you need. Just click here 👉🏻 Start Shopping!

Do you already have art supplies?

If you are like many of my students, then your answer is probably––YES! You have at least 100 tubes of paint and every kind of brush ever made, and there is no need to buy any more for my classes.

The supplies listed are the brushes, paints, and surfaces that I prefer, but you'll be fine if you have something similar.


I recommend bristle brushes sizes 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12. I use both flats and filberts along with a small, round watercolor brush for details. Robert Simmons Signet brushes have been my brush of choice for a decade, and I love them! I also use Rosemary Brushes and packs of cheap synthetic craft brushes. Every brush makes a unique mark, and I encourage you to buy a mix of synthetic and natural bristles.

The Surface

I recommend working on panels instead of stretched canvases. Why? Light shines through stretched canvases making it very difficult to see your painting. I use Raymar panels exclusively now, but Ampersand also makes a great panel at half the cost.

Panels sizes 9x12, 11x14, or 12x16 inches will work well for my classes.

The Paints

I use paints made by Holbein exclusively (Holbein Artists' Oil Paints), and I can’t recommend them highly enough! These are the colors that I will use in my class demos. It would be wise to purchase a 110ml tube of Titanium White and 20ml or 40ml tubes of all the others. A small tube of white will not get you very far.

  1. Bismuth Yellow
  2. Gold Ochre     
  3. Pyrrole Red    
  4. Alizarin Crimson         
  5. Ultramarine Deep      
  6. Cobalt Blue    
  7. Viridian          
  8. Transparent Red Oxide          
  9. Quick Drying White


You can substitute colors you already own for the paints on my list above. Take a look at the color chart below and see if you already have what you need. Note: Bismuth yellow is similar to lemon yellow or cadmium yellow light. Pyrrole red is similar to cadmium red or naphthol scarlet.

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